3rd Pre-forum for 2022 Seoul Design International Forum Part2

​3rd Pre-forum 

for 2022 Seoul Design International Forum

Participants: Lee Hyun-sung (Professor of Hongik University), Lee Jong-hyuk (Professor of Kwangwoon University) Seo Seung-gyo (CEO of HiDD Group), Hong Tae-eui (CEO of Public design STU.dio)  

Seoul proposed forms such as cognitive health design, stress-free design, and crime prevention design through social problem-solving designs since 2014 and also continuously implemented design projects that realize various public values. We will take a deeper look on the types of issues that are identified by the design in our lives, and how design creates public values through use cases. The 3rd advanced forum will be carried out in the order of the role, strategy and method of design. In the first session, we will look into the role and value of design on universal issues and aging through the design of ‘consideration’. In the second session, we will study the cases of strategy that ‘resolve’ issues in our daily lives through design. Lastly, we will examine the meaning of the ‘governance’ design that is shaped together with citizens. 

TALK 2. Values in daily lives that were changed by the public design 


[Lee Hyun-sung] 

The second topic is the value in our daily lives that were changed by the public design. Let us look into the roles that the design should play in resolving public issues.  

Maeum-ful Project is a project that was executed to promote detoxify the youths from excessive reliance on smart devices and to prevent school violence. This is a design project that applies the concept of ‘biophilic’ that is known to be helpful in relieving stress as the green eco-space that is formed indoors 

[Hong Tae-eui] 

Biophilic is a concept that was proposed by a sociobiologist called Edward Wilson in 1984. According to the global report by Human Spaces, happiness improves by 15%, productivity improves by 6% and creativity improves by 16% when there are natural greens in our daily lives. This means that our daily lives can become happier through green areas. Maeum-ful Project used biophilic as design factors based on such a concept, and it drives youths to touch the ground and grass with their own hands and to grow them to lower their dependency on smartphones and to reduce stress in daily lives.  

[Lee Jong-hyuk] 

Maeum-ful Project is a very bold project. It promotes activities for students to personally manage pet trees and take care of plants in school, and expands this as a concept of community to drive active communication between one another. The meaning of greens is playing an extended role as a topic of common interest for students. 

[Lee Hyun-sung] 

Boldly creating a green space in school can actually become an issue in terms of maintenance. Therefore, the City of Seoul, students, teachers, parents, school plant-related experts, relevant university and relevant civic groups came together to establish a cooperative governance for the maintenance of the greens. Since the governance consisting of a diverse group of people is formed with space as a medium, it is creating interest in the community in addition to positive public values in the regional society.