Seoul Design International Forum 2023

2022 Seoul Design International Forum 

○ September 14 (Thu) 2023, 13:00~18:00(KST)

○ On-Offline Forum (

○ Theme: Humanising Cities_HUMAN•DESIGN•CITY

Seoul Metropolitan Government has been carrying out discussions on the present and the future of the design of Seoul that is desired by citizens through the Seoul Design International Forum. We would like to carry out discussions on how our city, Seoul, is currently being illuminated with participants by inviting the best-in class speakers who are global designers, architects and experts in the field, under the vision of 'Humanising Cities' that is not being prioritized at all while being taken for granted. Moreover, we believe that you will be able to promote new experiences and generate new memories in the public realm through this forum, and we think you will be able to gain strong insights on the role of public design as the 'alchemist of the city' that can strongly enhance even the competitiveness of the city through that collective memory. It is no exaggeration to say that today's city is the most powerful online/offline platform that enables hyperconnectivity. We hope that Seoul Design International Forum to be held on September 14th will be a precious venue to imagine innovative ideas together and apply them to the public realm. 

We ask you for your continuous interest and participation. 

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13:00~13:30  Welcoming Remarks(Oh Se-Hoon, Mayor of Seoul)

13:30~14:10  Keynote Session : Humanising our Cities

                         Thomas Heatherwick(Founder of Heatherwick Studio)

[Session 1: The City of Today: Urban Design Strategies for Seoul as an Inclusive City]

14:10~14:40  The Social Role of Architects and Balancing between 

                         Humanitarian and Architectural Works

                         Shigeru Ban(CEO of Shigeru Ban Architectural Design Office)

14:40~15:10  Role of Design: Assist Co-existence of People / Environment / Technology

                         Choi So-hyun(Head of NAVER Design & Marketing)

15:10~15:40  From Ideas to Implementation, Transforming Limits into Opportunities in Design

                         Lee Dal-woo(CEO of Studio Maeum)

[Session 2: The City of Tomorrow: Future city of sentiments established through a new vision of design]

15:40~16:10  Design 2.0 Design Policy and Future Strategies

                         Choi Inkyu(Director-General, Design Policy Bureau, Seoul Metropolitan Government)

16:10~16:40  Going Public

                         Meejin Yoon(Dean of Architecture and Art Design, Cornell University)

16:40~17:10  The Innovative City for the Next Generation(the MZ Generation): 

                         Advancing Towards Ultra Connectivity and the Real World

                         Song In-hyuk(Co-CEO of Unique Good Company)

[Panel Discussion]


Moderator: Professor Yoon Hyegyoung

Panel : Thomas Heatherwick(Founder of Heatherwick Studio), Shigeru Ban(CEO of Shigeru Ban Architectural Design Office), Meejin Yoon(Dean of Architecture and Art Design, Cornell University), Choi Inkyu(Director-General, Design Policy Bureau, Seoul Metropolitan Government), Choi So-hyun(Head of NAVER Design & Marketing), Song In-hyuk(Co-CEO of Unique Good Company), Lee Dal-woo(CEO of Studio Maeum), Yoon Hyegyoung(Research Professor, Yonsei University)

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