[2023 Seoul International Design Forum] Environmentally Characteristic Space, Maeumpul Seoul Metropolitan Mullae Youth Center


I am Park Jun-hee, a supporter of the 2023 Seoul Design International Forum.

First, let's learn about Seoul Design!

What is Seoul Design? 

Seoul Design is Seoul's vision for design, which responds to the challenges facing communities due to various global issues. It aims to enhance the city's competitiveness and ensure that everyone can live a happy life.

Seoul Design develops creative and sustainable design solutions to address various problems faced in everyday life. It creates a safe, convenient, and inclusive urban environment.

It is truly amazing that Seoul is leading the world with its design that reflects innovative technologies and the city's unique characteristics.

By creating more distinctive design content in everyday life, Seoul Design satisfies the senses of citizens and provides memorable experiences, which in turn enhances the city's appeal.

Through events that carry such meaning and content, Seoul Design aims to create a design community where experts, businesses, and citizens can participate and collaborate together.

So, of course, we have to find out more about the Seoul Design International Forum.


What is the Seoul Design International Forum?

Humanising Cities: Humans, Design, and Cities

First, the Seoul Design International Forum is characterized by the fact that it is held every year.

Seoul City has been discussing the present and future of Seoul design through the Seoul Design International Forum (SDIF). Under the vision of "Humanising Cities," which is too often taken for granted and yet not prioritized enough, Seoul is developing creative and sustainable design solutions to address various problems faced in everyday life, creating a safe, convenient, and inclusive urban environment. 

Today's cities are arguably the most powerful online and offline platforms for enabling hyperconnectivity.

To learn more about Seoul's design policy, please visit the link below.



Then we can't help but go to the place where public design in Seoul is being realized!

Let me introduce the "Maeumpul : Seoul Metropolitan Mullae Youth Center" where I went in person!


Seoul Metropolitan Mullae Youth Center

110 Mullae-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

On September 22, Friday, I visited the Seoul Metropolitan Mullae Youth Center.

This space is unique in that the events change every day and every week!

If you are planning to visit, please keep this in mind!


What is the Seoul Metropolitan Mullae Youth Center?

The Seoul Metropolitan Mullae Youth Center is an environmental-specialized space that provides creative activities and educational opportunities for young people.

The center's various programs are designed to help young people develop their environmental awareness and practice, fostering their growth as healthy ecological citizens.


When I entered the youth center, I saw various flyers promoting different programs posted on the bulletin board.

The Seoul Metropolitan Mullae Youth Center offers a wide variety of programs that are simultaneously running, allowing young people to choose programs that suit their interests. This is a great advantage! 


Mullae 'Maeumpul' Space 



Mullae 'Maeumpul' Space

The Mullae Maeumpul Space is a special space created by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The space was created to help young people who are overexposed to digital devices and smartphones find peace through nature.

The name "Maeumpul" is a play on words that means "a place where young people can relax, a place where plants grow, and a place where people can recharge their minds."



The space is designed to be a place where young people can experience nature through their senses.

The Mullae neighborhood is surrounded by apartment complexes, so it is difficult for young people to easily access nature. The Mindfull Space is designed to allow young people to connect with nature through plants and their senses.


The space is divided into six zones:

- Replay

- Soroksorok Forest

- Sosomsodong Mirror

- Dreamtul Desk

- Seed Talk

- Todododo Mill

The space is decorated with the works of young people. The works are beautiful and inspiring.

The Seoul Metropolitan Mullae Youth Center offers a recycling program for youth with developmental disabilities to help prevent digital media overuse.

Local residents and youth collect used and discarded PET bottle caps by color. They then attach the PET bottle caps of the corresponding colors to paper with various colored outlines to create works of art, which are then exhibited inside the center.

This program provides a multi-sensory experience for youth with developmental disabilities, who have limited opportunities for cultural activities. It also helps to expand their range of activities and improve their self-esteem through psychological stability and satisfaction with the results.


The space leading up to the roof is even painted with murals with an environmental feel. It really feels like nature in every corner. 


Finally, before leaving the Seoul Metropolitan Mullae Youth Center, I visited this space again.


This space is designed to help young people express their creativity and their commitment to the environment. The nine activities offered in the space are:

- Replay Palette

- Replay Mailbox

- Softly Softly Forest

- Whispering Mirror

- Mind Sync

- Writhing Desk

- Village Notice Board

- Seed Talk

- Clattering Mill



Seoul Metropolitan Government's public design efforts are particularly evident in its environmentally friendly spaces. These efforts play an important role in making the city's environment more sustainable and beautiful, and are expected to provide citizens with a better quality of life.

If you are a youth who loves the environment, or if you are looking for a space to experience and relax, I highly recommend visiting the Mullae Maeumpul Youth Center.

I hope you will all visit and experience the wonderful space and the meaning of relaxation for yourself!

This has been 2023 Seoul Design International Forum Supporter Park Jun-hee. :)




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