Seoul City's "Yes! Kids Zone!" has won a prestigious global design award

□ 'Youth Issue (Obesity) Resolution Design' developed by Seoul Metropolitan Government has been recognized by the Design Management Institute (DMI), the world's largest design innovation institution based in the United States.

□ Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that its design for promoting youth recreational activities, "Yes! Kids Zone," has received the 'Design Value Award (3rd Prize)' from the Design Management Institute (DMI). This marks the first award for a domestic public institution.

   ○ DMI evaluates not only outstanding aesthetics but also the social impact of design (aesthetic experience, social influence, organizational cultural innovation, climate/environmental response, economic effectiveness, etc.) annually, awarding the 'Design Value Award (1st, 2nd, 3rd Prize, and Honorable Mention in four categories)', which is considered the highest authority in the field of design management.

□ The city explained that through this award, it has been recognized for its achievement in creating social value by developing innovative design, "Yes! Kids Zone," which encourages daily activities to address childhood and adolescent obesity issues and assist in physical and emotional recovery.

   ○ Especially, to address the increasing severity of depression, lethargy, and obesity among adolescents who have limited opportunities for physical activity in academically oriented environments, Seoul Metropolitan Government has developed the "Yes! Kids Zone!" design to encourage physical activity in public places near schools. The design is currently undergoing a pilot operation at the Hanti Geunlin Park (Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu).



□ "Yes! Kids Zone!" is designed to explore five countries, allowing children to gain a sense of achievement and self-efficacy while recovering both physically and emotionally through mission-based activities. It includes mechanisms to facilitate natural communication among peers, which is expected to enhance children's social skills

   ○ By integrating PC and smartphone gaming elements to enhance immersion, it offers seven types of physical activity designs linked to content such as raising flags, jungle tightrope walking, and finding golden keys. Additionally, it provides 100 floor graphics and play-inducing signage to encourage voluntary physical activity.

   ○ "Yes! Kids Zone!" facilities are created with safety certification for children's play facilities, ensuring that they are easily accessible and safe for everyone to use.


□ The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to distribute manuals for the use and management of "Yes! Kids Zone!" design in schools and youth organizations, allowing teenagers to take care of their physical and emotional well-being in their daily life. 

   ○ Additionally, Gangnam-gu, which is currently operating and maintaining "Yes! Kids Zone!", plans to continuously run related programs in collaboration with nearby elementary schools and youth-related organizations.


□ Choi In-gyu, Seoul's Design Policy Officer, expressed his expectations, stating, "Yes! Kids Zone! is expected to provide an opportunity to address not only obesity but also physical and emotional issues among teenagers arising from the recent social problem of insufficient physical activity." He further added, "We will continue to expand lifestyle designs to promote healthy and stable lives for people of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, and the elderly."

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