[2023 Seoul International Design Forum] Space for Seniors' Health: 100-Year Courtyard

Hello everyone!

I was selected as a Seoul Design International Forum supporter, and I recently visited the "100-Year Courtyard" located at the Songpa Senior Comprehensive Welfare Center, one of the many places in Seoul that use design.

As you know, outdoor activities have been restricted for a while due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This can be dangerous as it can have a serious impact on the health of the elderly. In particular, dementia is a serious health issue that is emerging in the elderly population these days, and the risk of dementia is higher if you are less active outdoors.

In response, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has created a space design called "100-Year Courtyard" to help adults grow their physical, emotional, and social health.

Getting to the Songpa Senior Comprehensive Welfare Center


I don't live nearby, so I took the 9 subway line to Samjeon Station and then took bus 3315.

If you take bus 3315 and get off at the stop, you can walk to the center in 2-3 minutes, so it is easily accessible.

For those who live in Songpa-gu, it is close by and it should be easy to visit!

Songpa Senior Comprehensive Welfare Center


This is the "Songpa Senior Comprehensive Welfare Center."

The building has a bright yellow design, so it feels bright and stands out from a distance.

I visited on the weekend, so it was not operating, but if you visit during the week, you will see a much brighter atmosphere and many people.


100-Year Courtyard

Today, I will focus on the "100-Year Courtyard," which is located outdoors at the Songpa Senior Comprehensive Welfare Center.

It is located right next to the sidewalk in front of the Songpa Senior Comprehensive Welfare Center, so it should be easy to find. : )


This "100-Year Courtyard" is a space designed to encourage outdoor activities and social interaction for the elderly and residents, as I mentioned earlier. It is a small space, about 200 square meters, or about 60 Pyeong, but it is a well-designed space that makes good use of the remaining space.

It can be used according to the health theme in three courses: physical strengthening, emotional healing, and social interaction. There are 14 design items, including various play areas, so there were plenty of things to enjoy.

Social Interaction Space


On one side, there was a space where you could play the traditional Korean game of sabangchigi. It is said that this space was created to encourage social interaction among the elderly and local residents through play.

In particular, the space is designed to encourage active participation by the elderly by placing familiar nostalgic games that are familiar to them. Next to it, there was also a space where people could sit down and relax while interacting. It was a space decorated with trees, so it was even better to be able to feel nature in the city.


Next to it was a yutnori board. Yutnori is a game that is usually played during holidays, but it is a really fun game to play even in everyday life, so it is a good idea. I think it is good that there are games that the elderly can enjoy, including sabangchi and yutnori that you saw earlier. In addition, the atmosphere of the space has been greatly brightened by creating a space where people can play like this on a plain floor.

Also, you can rent yut or horses needed for yutnori at the information desk on the first floor. I will explain the usage method in detail below!


Physical Strengthening Space


On one side, there was a facility for simple exercises that are necessary for the elderly to strengthen their bodies.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government provides exercise equipment and exercise courses that can build daily muscles so that the elderly who use the welfare center can prevent dementia.

I think it was fun because there were unique exercise facilities such as finger exercises, unlike the usual exercise facilities that can be seen while walking.

It is said that the exercise equipment was designed in an efficient 'mass-produced' design so that it does not take up too much space.


There was also a corner where you can do cognitive health exercises. You can take a dementia self-diagnosis test or do simple stretching and eye exercises.

I also tried eye exercises for the first time in a long time, but I think it was really refreshing and good.

I recommend you to try it if you visit the 100-Year Courtyard!


100-Year Courtyard Usage Rules 


The 100-Year Courtyard is open to welfare center members or local residents from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays.

The traditional game experience (yutnori, jegichagi, sabangchigi, and tuho) shown above is available for two teams once a week, and applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

The traditional game experience can be used for a basic 1 hour and can be extended by 30 minutes if additional use is required.

For more information, please contact the information desk on the first floor of the Songpa Senior Comprehensive Welfare Center or the contact number of the person in charge shown in the photo.


This is a place where the elderly and local residents use it for health promotion, so drinking and smoking are prohibited. (Littering is also prohibited.)

Let's all work together to keep the space clean for the elderly : )


Since it is located outdoors, there were also instructions on how to use it in the summer.

The weather is much cooler now, but it is probably a good idea to lower the intensity of your workout and avoid the hot times in the summer.

Visiting Review of the 100-Year Courtyard at Songpa Senior Comprehensive Welfare Center 

I had the opportunity to visit the 100-Year Courtyard for the first time through my activities as a supporter of the Seoul Design International Forum. It could have been an empty space, but it has been reborn as a space for the elderly who use the welfare center by making good use of the space!

It also seems to brighten up the atmosphere of the Songpa Senior Comprehensive Welfare Center, which is located next door.

Dementia prevention is a major issue these days, and it is really important to prevent it in advance.

I think it would be a good idea to use the various dementia prevention programs available at the 100-Year Courtyard to prevent dementia and maintain a healthy body. I encourage the elderly living in Songpa-gu, as well as residents, to visit it as soon as you have time.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has created four more 100-Year Courtyards in addition to the Songpa Senior Comprehensive Welfare Center: Geumcheon Senior Comprehensive Welfare Center, Nowon Senior Comprehensive Welfare Center, Mapo Senior Club, and Seocho Jamwon Park. It is expected to play a positive role in various spaces.


I found a news video on YouTube that explains the 100-Year Courtyard well. I think it would be helpful to watch it once before using it.

I would also like to encourage you to learn more about the 2023 Seoul Design International Forum (SDIF).

This has been Seoul Design International Forum supporter 'Chamggaegui'.

Thank you for viewing for this review. 



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