[2023 Seoul Design International Forum] A Visit to Hwamok Senior Welfare Center: A Space That Warms the Heart

[2023 Seoul Design International Forum]

A Visit to Hwamok Senior Welfare Center: A Space That Warms the Heart

Hello! I am Geum Ye-hyun, who was selected as a Seoul Design International Forum supporter.

Have you heard of “Seoul Design”?

Today, our community is facing various challenges due to various global issues. Seoul Design refers to Seoul's design vision to respond to these challenges, enhance the city's competitiveness, and allow everyone to enjoy a happy life.

The main activities to implement the vision are to first develop creative and sustainable design content to solve various problems encountered in everyday life, creating a safe, convenient, and sustainable urban environment. It also increases the number of distinctive design contents in everyday life, providing memorable experiences to citizens to lead them to a charming city, and ultimately leading the city to the global world network.

If so, let's find out what kind of discussions the Seoul Design International Forum will be having to drive the charm of the city.

Seoul Metropolitan Government has been discussing the present and future of Seoul design that citizens want through the Seoul Design International Forum (SDIF), which is held every year. In the 2023 Seoul Design International Forum, under the vision of "Humanising Cities," which is too obvious to be recognized but not prioritized, we discussed how our city of Seoul is being illuminated today with world-renowned designers, architects, and experts.

What do you think when you hear the word "human-centered city"? Before I started my supporters' activities, when I heard this, I would just say, "Oh, human-centeredness is an important value." When I described a human-centered city earlier, I added this modifier, "It's taken for granted but it's not taken as a priority," which was a fitting addition to my case of not wondering how human-centeredness is truly being realized, knowing that human-centeredness is an important value. However, during this activity, I was reminded that there are many cases in which public design has been applied to realize the value of a human-centered city throughout the streets that we inadvertently pass by. I hope that the readers of this article will also find and take some time to think, "This is how design for people has been applied to our living spaces."

The information I explained about Seoul Design and Seoul Design International Forum earlier is organized in the card news below, so I would appreciate it if you could refer to it :)