How about running after work? The Runner’s Station opens at Yeouinaru Station, the holy land for runners

□ Yeouido is becoming hotter as the ‘holy land for runners.’ Yeouinaru Station on Line 5 has finally been transformed into a ‘Runner’s Station’ for Seoul citizens who run, and it is now open to the public.

□ Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the opening of the first ‘Fun Station’ named the “Yeouinaru Runner’s Station,” as part of its Subway History Innovation Project on the 21st (Tue). Reflecting the opinions of running experts and running crews from the planning stage, the space and facilities have been configured to maximize convenience and accessibility. 

 ○ Since January of last year, the city has been promoting the “Fun Station” project, which aims to fill the leisure spaces within Seoul’s subway stations with attractive content that citizens can enjoy.

 ○ As part of pilot project, the city organized events such as “Citizen Exploration Team : Hidden Space beneath Seoul Plaza in front of City Hall” at City Hall Station in September, the “Vans Station Sindang” at Sindang Station on October, demonstrating the potential for new transformation of leisure spaces.\

□ The newly opening ‘Runner’s Station’ has been decorated utilizing some spaces across two floors (B1~M1) within Yeouinaru Station. It has been created with extensive input and requests from runners in mind. A total of 58 storage lockers (42 on M1 floor, 16 on B1 floor), and changing rooms have been installed, providing citizens with an environment where they can easily enjoy running without special preparations, simply with theirs sneakers on their way home or anytime they want.

 ○ The overall desing features track numbers on a black ceiling, with accens in this year’s Seoul color, Sky Coral, to make it easily identifiable for everyone. The track lighting and running-related signage and patterns have been applied to create active and sophisticated atmosphere.

□ In the ‘Runner’s Basecamp’ located on B1 floor, there are changing rooms and power rooms available for runners to use before and after running, making it more convinient for nearby office workers or runners visiting Yeouido from other areas to comfortably change clothes and start running. 

□ A media board (located inside the Basecamp) is also installed and operated for the use of all citizens. Here, digital coaching for safe running, including stretching, running posture, running terminology, and detailed information about running courses near Yeouinaru, will be provided. Additionally, users can take photos with media board and have them sent to their personal email or phone via text message.

  ○ The distance, features, precautions and facilities of running courses of Yeouido Hangang Park, Yeouido Park, and Mapo Bridge will be introduced. In addition to introducing the “7979 Seoul Running Crew” operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, individual running crews active in Seoul area will be also introduced.

□ Various running-related experiences are also available. First, at the entrance of the Basecamp, there is a shoe disinfection and sterilization machine installed to ensure that runnign sheos are in a comfortable condition, helping to improve running performance. While shoes are being disinfected, visitors can try on the displayed running shoes and also check their individual body condition using the InBody machine. 

 ○ Until the end of the month, you can also receive running posture correction from professional coaches. By getting on on-motorized treadmil and start running, coaching will be provided. This opportunity is available for anyone without prior reservation until June 30th (weekdays from 4PM to 9PM).

□ Until the end of June, professional running programs will be conducted around the Runner’s Station. These include “Weekday Running Classes” led by coaches affiliated with various sports brands, “Weekend Kids Running Classes,” and “Personal Best (PB) Classes” aimed at achieving individual best records over 4 weeks. Detailed information and application methods can be found through the “Runple” app. 

□ The “Running Course Ranking Board” installed on the pillar at the entrance of the Basecamp also cathces the eye. After activating the mobile app “Runple”, running the 8.4km course around Yeouido Hangang Park will result in rankings and personal records being included. The city added that they anticipate more people will visit the Runner’s Station regularly not only for run buy also to improve their records. 

□ After chaning clothes, when you go up one floor to M1, you can see a long horizontal media board. On this media board, Hae-Chi (Seoul’s symbol) and various running characters inform about the weather of Yeouido Hangang Park. Additionally, it displays informations about running and recreational sports organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Governmentm, as well as promotional videos for the Runner’s Station. 

□ The Second exit of Yeouinaru Station leading to Yeouido Hangang Park on M1 floor is decorated as a photo zone for runners. The stairs are designed in the shape of a running track, and sculptures and lighting are installed to allow for unique photo opportunities to commemorate the beginning and the end of the run.

□ To commemorate the opening of the Runner’s Station, surprise event sfor citizens are also being held. On the first weekend after the opening, from the 25th (Sat) ~ 26th (Sun), a roulette event will take place at the Runner’s Basecamp, offering prizes such as Hae-Chi dolls, towels, running clothes, and Hae-Chi keychains. Additionally, from the 21th (Tue) to the 20th of next month (Thu), citizens who complete 8.4km course around Yeouido Hangang Park will receive 1,000 points for ‘Wrist Doctor 9988’.

□ The establishment of Fun Station is planned to continue this year, following Jayang Station (Line 7), Ttukseom Station (Line 2), and Sindang Station (Line 6), and extending to City Hall Station (Line 2) and Munjeong Station (Line 8) next year.

  ○ (Jayang Station) The ‘Rest Station Jayang’ will be created as a station for rest along the Han River, providing a place for relaxation and leisure amidst busy daily life.

  ○ (Ttukseom Station) It will be developed as a multi-purpose exercise space called “Healthy Partner Ttukseom Station”, designed to promote citizens’ healthy lifestyles.

  ○ (Sindang Station) It is planned to be operated as a complex cultural space centered on activity sports, fostering coexistence with local merchants and residents.

  ○ (City Hall Station) Ventilation facitilies will be prioritized and improved to ensure that citizens can safely occupy the underground unused spaces.

  ○ (Munjeong Station) It will be transformed into a playground for adults that transcends the boundaries of sports and play, providing a high-quality relaxation space where people can enjoy socializing and resting.

□ Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon stated, “We will transform Yeouinaru Station into holy land for runners, where citizens who love running can enjoy and challenge themselves, turning it into a space that provides vitality and joy in daily life, thereby accelerating the realization of healthy city Seoul.” He added, “Starting with Yeouinaru Station, we will continue to develop Fun Stations so that all citizens can experience a healthy, trendy, and vibrant lifestyle in their everyday spaces.”


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