Development of Participatory Universal Design Culture

The Center operates civic participation groups to consider the “viewpoint of the weak” or the “viewpoint of the citizens.” The first civic participation group recruited last year monitored eight public facilities in Seoul, including Donuimun Museum Village, Oil Tank Culture Park, and the Seoul Museum of History. The second civic participation group this year is visiting facilities that are close to the people of Seoul, such as the Sejong-daero Walkway in Gwanghwamun, Jongmyo Shrine, Yejang Park, and the Seoul Museum of Craft Art. The civic participation group uploads posts about the benefits or improvements that are needed for each place they monitor on social media or blogs to share information with the people. 

The Center is also conducting education for civil workers and undergoing cooperative works with related institutions to diffuse the universal design culture. Starting with the Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation, the Center signed an agreement with nine institutions, including the Seoul Public Agency for Social Service, the Korea National University of Welfare, and the Seoul Tourism Organization. The Center also conducts education for workers at Jung-gu Dementia Care Center, education for public officers at Cheonan City Hall, education for students at Yonsei University, and education for related institutions such as organizations for the persons with disabilities.

The Center jointly hosted a policy debate with offices of National Assembly members of the ruling party and opposition party to create and spread universal design. It will continue its efforts to improve the universal design system, reorganize relevant laws, and enact higher laws. Besides, the Center participated in the Jeju International Forum to share universal design policies and activities of the SMG. 

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