Working Group

Introduction of Working Group

The Working Group is a group of experts who support the operations of the Seoul Design International Forum (SDIF) as its think tank. The Working Group was organized for the first time in 2021 by appointing experts of designs and cities. The Working Group provides advice on the direction of the SDIF and works with the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) on selecting topic, forming discourse, producing and discovering content, and networking of speakers from Korea and overseas. In addition to the SDIF that takes place annually, the newly launched online platform will collect and share empirical examples of how designs can solve urban problems and contribute to make the city safe and convenient.

This year, the Working Group summarized everything that the SMG had presented at the Seoul International Seminar on Universal Design and the Social Problem-Solving Design International Forum. In this process, the Working Group agreed that previous cases and solutions play a pivotal role in understanding problems at stake and suggesting new solutions. The Working Group will strive to consider design cases and diverse efforts made in cities around the world as well as the opinions of experts, and will contribute to propose the future vision of Seoul design.

Working Group

  • Kim, Hyunsuk

    Hong-Ik University

    • - 2021~Present: Dean of Hong-Ik University Graduate School of Film and Digital Media
    • - 2020~2021: President of Society of Design Convergence
    • - 2013~2015: Vice-President of International Council of Design
  • Koo, Yoori

    Hong-Ik University

    • - 2021~Present: Vice-chairman of Korea Service Design Council
    • - 2021~Present: Program Chair of IASDR(International Association of Societies of Design Research),
      Member of Public Service Design Advisory Committee of MOIS(Ministry of the Interior and Safety),
      Member of Public Design Promotion Committee of Seoul Metropolitan Government
    • - Conducted various projects and research in social responsibility design, service experience innovation and co-creation, product-service-system platform design, etc.
  • Yoon, Hyegyoung

    Research Professor
    Yonsei University

    • - 2020~Present: Director of Urban Environmental Welfare Center at UN-HABITAT KOREA
    • - 2020~Present: Consultant of Urban Regeneration Committee Member of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
    • - 2021~Present: Reviewer of EDRA International Academic Conference
    • - 2021~Present: Consultant of Government Innovation Committee Member of Ministry of the Interior and Safety
    • - 2015~Present: PM of the Seoul Universal Design International Conference
  • Baek, Joon Sang

    Yonsei University

    • - 2011.7~2018.2: Assistant professor/Associate Professor at UNIST
    • - 2018.3~Present: Associate Professor in the Department of Human Environment and Design at Yonsei University
    • - Research areas: Sustainable design, design for social innovation, service design, nature-inspired design.
  • Joo, Yu-Min

    Associate Professor
    KDI School of Public Policy and Managemen

    • - 2012~2019: Assistant Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore
    • - 2019~Present: Associate Professor, KDI School of Public Policy and Management
    • - Research interests: Urban development and policy, urban governance, creative cities, and smart cities